For the most part, tiny house have taken off in The United States and Canada. This isn’t to say there aren’t tiny house builders elsewhere (The UK, Australia for example) but the highest concentration of tiny house builders are in these two countries. Hopefully in the future we’ll see even more builders starting tiny house companies in the future.

There are several resources for seeing a list of map of tiny house builders. The first is The Tiny House Builders Directory over at Tiny House Listings which has a map, breakdown by type of tiny house as well as by State. The second is Tiny House Map. Just tick the checkbox for “Builders” and only the builders will display.

When seeking out a tiny house builder, be sure to get several references from them and follow up with the them. The size, price, building style, type and quality of tiny houses designed and built by a tiny house builder will vary greatly. Considering you’ll be shelling out a nice chunk of change for your tiny house, doing your due diligence beforehand will take you a long way.


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    I am looking for a builder in Nova Scotia Canada


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