Tiny homes were first mounted to trailers to curtail zoning laws, many of which require structures with a foundation to meet strict requirements that make owning and living in one more expensive and more difficult to achieve.

Tiny homes are also mounted to trailers to have a home that is built with the same quality as a regular home (oftentimes exceeded even that) that allows you to take with you as life changes occur such as obtaining a new job in a different area, finding a better place to park the home, etc.

Having said that, tiny homes by no means have to be mounted to a trailer. The reason people oftentimes associate tiny homes and trailers is because so many people take this route for reasons mentioned above.

A hybrid approach is a tiny home not permanently attached to a foundation or a trailer but instead on skids or concrete piers so that it can later be moved by a large moving truck.

Of course there are other variations as well. Some have elected to build their tiny home in the trees, underground or floating on water!

If you decide that you’d like to build or buy a tiny house not mounted to a trailer, then by all means go for it! Oftentimes tiny house plans are designed so that you can take either approach…trailer or no trailer.


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