Like most questions revolving around the issue of tiny house living, the subject of how much space you need is completely dependent on you and your personal preferences.

Since a home’s most basic, fundamental purpose is to provide shelter and given all homes for the most part do this, the size of the shelter is determined by its number of occupants, their personal preferences and money available.

For example, The Tiny House Family, a family of four lives in a 168 square feet tiny home while some single folks have elected to build a tiny house several times larger.

The idea of tiny house living isn’t as much about the size of your home, but instead one or all of the following:

  • Being mindful of your home’s size
  • Having a dwelling that forces you to downsize your possessions
  • Reducing your impact on the environment
  • Needing less money to sustain your home
  • Needing less time to sustain your home
  • Having more financial and personal freedom


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  1. Perry MacDonald


    I love tiny houses , I believe municipality’s should embrace the concept that living small is good in a lot of ways , I’m planning my own move in 2016 before my mortgage comes up for renewal . Tiny houses can improve the lives of people from all walks of life , just let your imagination soar . I suggest to figure out the space you need , make a plan on paper first . Mark down all items you can’t live without , another collum with what you would like , say a wish list and so on . You can also design the space using sticks , rope , garden hose ex cetera on your lawn or in your basement , by doing this you can map out the area as you see fit . Everything you have now will have to be downsized , to smaller appliances to built ins and your clothing .


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